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What do you do when you can’t say what you feel out loud? Everyone channels their emotions differently, I believe. Through arts or sports maybe. Well, for me, I write.

I’m not a good writer, per se. Unlike many fantastic writers, I haven’t seen much of the world. I haven’t established my own style. I am still very young, therefore I feel inadequate a lot of times. ‘But hey, what are they to stop me?’ That’s what I thought one day.

So I write a ton on little things: afternoons, pink Gerberas, flickering streetlights, the soft khaki walls of my room. I type down stories on my run-down iPhone (which has cracks all over the screen now) in between classes or during the walk home after a round of grocery shopping.

Writing is fun and helps me get by, it’s my very first love, my second and third love. And because doing what you love would get you far in life or so I’ve heard, I am writing with starlit dreams in my head and on my fingertips.

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