spilled glitter (1/2)

by Gisella Gianina

(title inspired by my own tweet from 25/05/2017:
traced back some short writings of mine from various on/offline platforms—it kinda feels like finding spilled glitter in the bottom drawer.)
a.k.a, excerpts of my old writings, compiled.


1. hidden in a notebook meant for studying, probably written in late 2015



The shadows from his half-dreams gathered beneath his eyelashes, and the hollow space in his sunken heart is filled with worries of tomorrow.

– (n.d.), a random thought.


I want to write a thousand pages about you.

– (n.d.), about a long-haired boy.


Silence, except for the steady ticking of the clock. He wonders how long will it take until he somehow mind-controls it to malfunction, so that he’ll have a reason to fling it across the room and pretend he’d never known the concept of time.

– (n.d.), excerpt from a short story I handwrote.



2. from my diary back in 2015


As the sky behind the overhead windows turn pinkish purple, my heart swells.

– written on a Thursday, (n.d.)


What I’m sure of is it’s a bit lonely, not to the point where it could make me burst into tears and give me heartaches, just enough to make the lights in my room appear dimmer and the hum of running water from the bathroom sound comforting.

– written on Wednesday, 02/09/2015


Laughter, friendship, love, youth.

Moments where I wish time would just stop, seconds that I wish I could trap in my grasp.

But alas, time flies.

And when it’s not flying, it slips away through the gaps between my fingers.

– written on Thursday, 03/09/2015


I am a mixture of everything, naivety and innocence dancing around twisted needs.

– written on Monday, 14/09/2015


I think the nightmares have crept out of my subconscious to reality. That’d explain why lately, my slumbers are dreamless.

– written on Friday, 18/09/2015


Beneath this bright and colorful façade is just a cowardly me, a small lizard that blends with the background. I wasn’t born a snake or a lion. I’m neither blessed with poisoned fangs nor a bloodcurdling roar. I’m just a little girl who still marvels at the sight of pretty little stars.

– written on Sunday, 20/09/2015



3. tweeted by @g_ianina



Lalu kau terbawa arus cakrawala yang menelan sisa-sisa petang, sedang aku terpesona lembayung yang memantul di jendela jiwamu.

– 01/05/2017, 10:39 PM, bukan untuk siapa-siapa.


My nail paint hadn’t dried off when you guided my hand onto your head, lips gliding seamlessly, and that’s how you found the brown of your hair spilling with silver.

Or probably it’s the moonlight, sweetheart, just like you said.

– 01/31/2017, 06:31 and 06.32 PM, inspired by the silver nail paint

i had on  during semester break.


Even the sound of your breathing is melodious. How come, darling, you make the slightest touch into a song. Are you perhaps, supernatural?

– 01/24/2017, 12.48 PM, i don’t know where this came from.




part two

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